Temples and Brothels Documentary Series, Part 1: Sex in the Wild West

Temples and Brothels is a documentary film series about a sex-psychotherapist’s journey into the legal brothels of Nevada and the illegal Mormon polygamists-fundamentalist community in Arizona/Utah- the frings of the Southwest of America, directed by Moushumi Ghose


Set against the backdrop of a country where same-sex marriage marriage hangs in the balance, the film will explore the lifestyles that exist in the wild west frontier, how they got there and what we are taught. #sexworkiswork

Moushumi Ghose, a sex-psychotherapist starts her journey in Los Angeles, and alongside camerman Chris Knitter move through Nevada, Utah, and the American southwest to dive into legal brothel sexwork, same sex marriage and the fundamentally religious polygamists of the Mormon church. The history, beliefs and the intricate stories which weave into the sexual fabric of the Wild West.

On the fringes, and outskirts of America, in some of the most rural, and final frontiers of the Wild West, sexual freedom exists in quiet exile. Brothels are currently illegal in the United States, except in rural Nevada.

Prostitution outside these licensed brothels is illegal in the United States. The stigma around prostitution limits women’s autonomy, and perpetuates shame and guilt around sex for both men and women. Society vilifies men and objectifies women in the prostitution business, yet it is the oldest profession in the world.