Sploshing / Wet and Messy

What is sploshing?


Sploshing is a form of sexual fetishism or sensual food act where one or more people are covered in different foods, textures, tastes and temperatures. Some people are drawn to the sensation of wet and messy play while others simply prefer the visual appeal of others. Some may choose to eat or lick the food their partner but this is optional.

Why is sploshing so popular?

People can enjoy sploshing for many reasons, one theory is that sploshing or food play is breaking the rules on childhood, Such as ” Don`t play with your food, ” that would lead to a sense of freedom. There are many sensations that come from the food its self. The stickiness or slipperiness against a persons skin combined with the temperature play, maybe ice or cold fizzy drinks can make a very delicious experience.

Are there any dangers that come with sploshing?

Sploshing is not as dangerous as what some fetishes could be such as rope bondage for example if not done correctly, but care should still be taken. Allergies or irritation – Putting food in your mouth is not quiet the same as having dripping all over your body. Parts of you are more sensitive than others. Yeast infections – These will usually occur in women when there is an imbalance of good bacteria and the candida fungus. Candida feeds off sugar, so if you were to pour a sugary substance or liquid around the vagina you could end up with a very painful, itchy yeast infection.

The eyes – Be careful when the food or any substance comes in to contact with your eyes, especially those containing capsaicin, this is what makes chillies hot.