What is swinging?


Swinging is the name given to a couple that like to have sex with other couples, this is also known as wife swapping.

How popular is swinging?

Swinging really took off in the Swinging 60s during the sexual revolution. its now estimated there are more than 1 million swingers in the UK alone. With the introduction of the internet, swinging has come a long way from putting your keys in a bowl. There are now more than 130,000 people that sign into swingers sites every day, and with swingers clubs and hotels open across the UK its no surprise its become so popular and less of a taboo within couples.

What are the different types of swinging?

Soft swap – This is a good place to start if your new to this lifestyle. Soft swap does include sexual play such as kissing, touching and oral sex, however does not include intercourse.

Hard swap – This is everything involved in a soft swap but also includes intercourse. Some couples like to take their time to work up to a hard swap.

Lifestyle – To be apart of the swinging community or lifestyle can mean many things. Some couples like to swap with other couples, some like to bring in a third party for sexual play, some couples will swap together where as others may swap when their partner is not present. Swinging can also include group sexual activity such as an orgy. Within the swinging community a social aspect can be an essential part of the enjoyment, some individuals and couples will create friendships and socialise in a non-sexual way

What are the benefits and drawbacks of swinging?

Other than the obvious fun and excitement of being able to have lots of sex there are other benefits for you and your partner. One great benefit of swinging is that you no longer have all of your sexual desires met by just the one person, many swingers have reported to feeling more fulfilled than they did by sleeping with their partner. Having an intimate secret between you and your partner can also bring excitement to your relationship , this can also add another level of trust. It`s important to remember that communication is key between you and partner as in any relationship but even more so if your swinging. Its important to state your desires and rules of play. Every couple are different with their rules, some will only swing together, some wont kiss anyone other than partner. However there can be drawbacks also. These can include jealousy or a change of preference for one partner resulting in a change of the rules. This is why it is so important to communicate in the beginning and throughout your time as swingers.