“He wanted to have sex with a human”

Have you ever wondered whats its really like to be an escort… Some clients may seek out a sex worker to fulfil fantasies or fetishes that they feel they can’t act out elsewhere.


Here, some escorts share their stories that show what the world of escorting is really like.

” One of my funniest stories, I had this one guy who thought he was 2000 years old, it turned up quite quickly into the booking that he was a bit weird. He started telling me he was 2000 years old, he had come down in a spaceship to visit me from space, he was here to see me and he wanted to have sex with a human and see what it was like. He was from a planet far far away but has taken on human form to have sex with me. He had to experience sex with a human. He spoke bout magic wands he had and that he was the richest man on the planet. The best part about the booking is that he couldn’t get it up so we didn’t have sex”

” I did an out call with a friend to this guys house, but he didn’t actually own the house. So we were all having fun and then his friend who’s house it is comes home with a girl from town. She’s paralytic, no shoes and covered in sick. She was asking what was going on, who we were and why had she been bought back to this house. It ended up with us having a go at this lad because she was clearly in no state to be able to give consent, so we put her in a taxi home. I gave him a big lecture on what consent is and when a person isn’t able to give it. But he ended up paying for a service with me and my friend , he was grateful we put the girl in a taxi, he had fun in the end. “

” I have an older gentleman that likes to bring with him old laptops, liquorice allsorts, old vinyl records and a few other things. He likes me to put on the biggest pair of heels and spend an hour jumping up and down on top of them and destroying them, that’s all I do and he loves it. My job is fantastic, I love it. My days are never the same, I could be kicking someone in the balls one minuet and the next giving him a blowjob. Its a healthy release for some guys that have a certain fetish that don’t know how to explore it otherwise, I know what I’m doing, I take all the right precautions and everything is done in a safe way. Whereas if it was done at home with someone who didn’t know what they were doing it could be dangerous.”

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