” At one point I had to take him to Asda on a lead “

An escort has shared her most unusual request she’s had from a client, revealing that she could have made even more money than she already had that night.


” This guy messaged me at 4 in the morning. He put in the message that he was visiting Doncaster and was staying at this hotel, he couldn’t get a hard on but wanted me to come and abuse him. So I went to the hotel, it was about two minuets away from me. He had a fetish and liked to be forced to do things and hand over money, the more disgusting things I could do the more money he would give me. At one point I had to take him to Asda on a lead, force him to the cash machine and kick him in the bollocks to give me more money, and all I could think was that if this was on camera I’m going to be arrested for mugging him. Thank God there was a lead so I could say it was a kink thing. The next morning when the service was finished he said I could have got a lot more money out of him if I got a lot more creative, I was thinking I don’t know how much more creative I could have been, I really don’t know what else I could of done to this guy. “

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