Is THIS the most attractive feature on a woman according to men?

If I was to start singing “…” What comes to mind? That’s right…Butts! 


As a nation we seem to be obsessed with a voluptuous behind but where does it come from? And when did having a ‘Fat Ass’ become a compliment!?

According to scientists it’s not so much the bottom itself but the curvature of the spine. It is said that the optimal angle of lumbar curvature is a 45.5 degree curve from back to buttocks. Strangely this is not a new fad but actually dates back to when men were consumed with finding the perfect mate to provide children and would survive the ordeal, as the lucky lady would have the perfect curved spine to balance the weight of pregnancy and therefore would be able to continue to forage and less likely to incur any spinal injuries which could be deadly back then.

But we are not cavemen anymore so why the obsession with a bountiful behind? And why is it that the porn and escort industries are seeing such an increase in searches related to it when pregnancy is the LAST thing on anyone’s minds!

Indeed it seems the term has been searched for even more since that day Kim Kardashian broke the internet. I think music and fashion has always gone hand in hand and you cannot turn on a music channel without seeing a scantily clad dancer twerking to the camera because at the end of the day…Sex sells! And customers of escort sites such as above are Definitely buying.