Is this what men are hiring Escorts for?

Porn stars!! Would you like to have sex with a porn star? Of course you do, but where will you find such a luscious lady of the silver (and maybe some white spattered around) screen? Well fear not for Escorts all around the world are offering horny husbands and smut addicted singles the chance to experience it for a fraction of the cost and effort it would take to become a famous porn star yourself to star in an X-Rated movie with a highly skilled co star.


So the PSE or porn star experience is a service offered by escorts that allows its clients to indulge in all kinds of hardcore or kinky sex acts that they are too afraid or unable to ask for in other relationships. 

Whether it’s asking for loud exaggerated moaning and sexual profanity to role-play..’Oh MY Mr postman you do have a gigantic PACKAGE for me don’t you!’ The point is to get whatever you want without accidentality causing offence because sometimes your partner or ex just was not up to choking on your penis and calling you Daddy on a nightly basis. 

For better or for worse porn has changed the perception of sex and a generation of men have grown up believing that pinching his girlfriends nipples and telling her she’s been a bad girl is the only thing needed to get her begging for sex within a minute. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying women are prudes, far from it, we watch porn too and we are  secretly disappointed when our washing machine repairman turns up and…you know..actually just fixes the machine while looking like a retired Mario brother complete with hairy butt crack and 3 ex wives.

But this is real life and in this life that hot MILF you are eyeing up at the school bake sale is so tired of being on her feet that when she gets within 2 feet of a bed she is taking off her Spanx and getting in it while her husband is downstairs jerking off to ‘Librarian spanks naughty college boy between the stacks’  or whatever poorly constructed plot line precedes a minimum of 45 minutes of frantic and exhausting sex which would leave most with a stitch and the need for the day off tomorrow.

So here comes the Heroines of the day, The women who, for a fee, will fulfil your every dirty desire in a way that you really do believe you’re the stud in your own x-rated movie and is the best she has ever had while she turns up with zero body hair, freshly washed hair and happens to have a naughty nurses outfit on under her coat.

If you have pre arranged with your escort exactly what you are after then you can do all the dirty things you’ve wanted to do since you were a horny teen, as long as you can go then she can go and believe me she will have the stamina that women who are not getting paid will rarely possess.

So if you want a night of pure animal passion with whips and blindfolds or costumes and props and the magic vagina of someone who just does not quit even when your thrusting away like you are trying to win a race despite the fact that the lube burned up five minutes ago then book yourself a Porn star experience today!