The service men are risking their sexual health for

To go Bareback is the Slang term for Penetration during sex without using a condom, It comes from the equestrian term Riding bareback meaning riding a horse without a saddle.


So why in this day and age with all the knowledge of safe sex do men choose to do it, and who are the Escorts that are providing this service?

Within a relationship a couple may choose to forgo condoms because either the women is trying to conceive or she is on a different form of birth control. If both partners have been sexually screened and have no STIs then they can decide to engage in bareback because of numerous reasons such as saving money, The intimacy and ease it can provide or just because it feels more pleasurable to them.

But what of the men who hire escorts and request this service? It is a well known rumour that a lot of men will try to get out of wearing a condom stating reasons such as it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t fit right ect before giving in and wearing one when the partner pushes the issue. So now men are hiring a professional with the exact understanding that a condom will not be used and often paying a lot more than the standard cost for this service.

For some men, the act of hiring an escort is a way of living out his sexual fantasies and fetishes often taught to him by the world of porn and stopping mid coitus can ruin or at least take away from the fantasy. Although a lot of escorts can provide proof that they are not infected with any STIs such as Hepatitis, Chlamydia, Genital warts and Gonorrhoea, the man who hires them may not have had sexual screening and therefore could be putting the escort at risk of these things as well as the much more serious risk of HIV transmission.  

So why do some escorts court danger and agree to this? Although there is a small community of HIV-positive escorts who offer this service to other HIV-positive people as a way for them to enjoy natural sex perhaps in a Girlfriend experience manner, without the risk of infecting someone new, the majority of them do it for one reason only, Money.

The subtraction of a condom from the appointment can often push the price up a very large amount due to the clients desire for it and inability to find someone else who will indulge it.

Whatever the reasons, It is happening, and one can only hope that all involved are practising this selective activity as safely as possible so that all involved do not regret their decisions later in life.