REVEALED….. Meet the women secretly replacing their husband

When you think of someone in a marriage hiring an escort you tend to think immediately of it being the man don’t you? But all over the world there are women who are the ones having extra marital affairs with a sex worker. 


So why are sometimes happily married family orientated women with kids and a devoted husband reneging on their wedding vows and why do they not just leave their relationships?

For some it is simply boredom, perhaps since their wedding night they have been stuck in the same routines with no room for experimentation or perpetually being unfulfilled because of the lack of skills or willingness on the husbands part? But being unwilling to break up their family, The fear of being single or a lack of financial security they decide to stay in the relationship. These women may even be deeply in love with their husbands but are looking for the sexual satisfaction that is lacking.

Health reasons are another reason for women partaking in these illicit rendezvous, If the husband is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and cannot physically engage in penetrative sex then sometimes the women look elsewhere for it. Any degenerative illnesses can also have an effect on men in regards to loss of motor function or even paralysis brought on by an accident. In these situations some women may even have the knowledge and blessing on their husbands to look for sex outside of the relationship and escorts can be a way of negotiating this delicate agreement without the inclusion of feelings and the risk of breaking up the family.  

Some Bisexual women will get married to a male but miss the sexual relationship with women and so hire a female escort to satisfy those wants. 

While deplorable to most, Some women who have married for money and security, perhaps to an older, well off gentleman, may not be sexually attracted to their husbands and so hire good looking and young escorts completely the opposite of their spouses in order to have sex with someone they truly desire.

The danger of it and the excitement of cheating on their spouses and not getting caught is another simple reason for married women hiring escorts. 

Women have a long reputation of not being able to separate feelings from sex and so are seen as the less likely sex to indulge in supporting the sex work trade. Most women who have affairs tend to do so with someone they have known for a while or pick someone up at a bar ect but as women have become less sexually repressed it is no wonder their desires are catching up with men in terms of escorts