Meet the women making money from their butts!!!

Anal Sex. It’s still shocking to read that isn’t it? Perhaps it reminds you of religious groups damning homosexuals for engaging in sodomy.


Perhaps it made you giggle like a teenager googling Butt sex and Ass sex and other terms and now you can’t take this article seriously? 

Or maybe.. You just had a flashback to when you had it last, or a tingle in your stomach at the idea of trying it.

Either way it’s not proper to talk about it right? Because it’s a rare and secret thing not meant for the everyday masses who read magazines with “100 ways to please your man” and “Which positions will have your women orgasming in 10 seconds flat!” 

According to a study done by Pornhub the amount of women surveyed who admitted to engaging in anal sex had risen from 33% up to 46% by 2010. Now 46% in 2010 seems a huge number but you’ve got to remember that was before the rise in public fascination with all butts big or small! You think 10 years ago we were discussing which ass’s were better for sex, Kim K or Nikki Minaj? What is Twerking after all but mimicking the movement a woman’s butt makes during rough sex from behind?!

 But as much as we glorify the behind it still feels just a little course to be talking about anal doesn’t it? Perhaps that’s why more and more men are using escorts to explore this area of sex. They can pay for a sure thing arranged beforehand with someone who has discussed it before and doesn’t make them feel ashamed or dirty for wanting it.  

Anal sex is the most dangerous form of sex from a health viewpoint as the anus does not self lubricate and is a dangerous area for STD’s to spread but perhaps if we remove the taboo surrounding it then the ones who do wish to engage in it can do so with all the knowledge and safety that they need so that the stigma can finally be lifted and it can be treated with the same attitude that other sex acts are? 

I’m not saying add it to the magazine front covers exactly but maybe a little half page next to the agony aunt telling ‘Sticky Steve from Stoke’ why honey is not a good lube and yes he should probably apologise to his missus for shouting ‘Any holes a goal’ Before springing anal on her…