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China is the world’s 3rd or 4th largest country by area and has an impressive population of over 1.440 Billion people and is equivalent to 18.47% of the total world population.


According to figures from the country’s National Bureau of Statistics, There were 33.59 million more men than women in China back in 2016 with the figure only increasing in recent years. With such an unbalanced ratio the men of China are having a hard time of finding a companion. Perhaps that is why so many of them turn to Sex workers from Escort websites to fulfil their sexual desires. 

In 1949 the Communist Part Of China took power and started a series of campaigns to wipe out prostitution, It started well but since the 1980’s the control of the party had loosened on China made worse by a high ranking official being caught with a prostitute and kicked out of his own party,  and hiring a sex worker became more prevalent. Officially prostitution is illegal in China and a prostitute caught working will face legal punishment through the courts.

While selling sex is illegal all over mainland China, as of 2013, Erotic Massage was deemed legal in the city of Foshan. In June 2013, the Foshan Court determined that ‘the sale of erotic massage is not the same as prostitution’. Prostitutes soon took advantage of this by operating massage parlours or selling their time as a massage artist with the promise of ‘A Happy Ending’ To entice the men of china to partake.

Nobody knows the actual number of Chinese sex workers as it is to dangerous a subject there to properly explore for fear of legal repercussions on behalf of the prostitutes themselves. In 2013 however the United Nations estimated that there were four to six million escorts based on police sources. There is no doubt however that prostitution is on the rise.

With the pay gaps between men and women still not equal in China, Many women are using Sex work as a way to escape poverty it is after all ‘The oldest profession’ and one which will always be sought after. In a country where the men so vastly outweigh the women there will always be a need for sex workers and there will always be people who find ways around the laws to advertise it.