REVEALED… Why larger women are raking in the money

When you think of an escort what comes to mind? Slender of course, Typical sexy librarian/porn star type of thing, with big pert boobs, long blonde hair and an impossibly tiny waist in a little black dress or skimpy lingerie? Every man’s fantasy surely. I mean if you’re going to be paying money to an escort surely you want the normally out of your league to make it worth your while?


Surprisingly to some, It’s actually the curvy ladies topping the search bars of many a man’s hidden internet history! I’m not just talking a size 10 with a chunky butt but full on Rubenesque Ladies. The dictionary defines Rubens subjects as voluptuous which doesn’t mean the above but actual everyday women complete with wobbly belly, real, often pendulous breasts and a behind that doesn’t look like she completes 100 squats before her morning yoga routine and green tea detox!

The term BBW – Big beautiful Woman is the key word nowadays on dating sites, personal ads and escort sites for those women who are plus sized and proud. So why are men so interested in a BBW escort? 

If a woman who identifies as BBW is an escort then you know she is fully confident in her own skin and that kind of confidence is a turn on for many men. Men who by the way might have their own hang ups about their bodies and not relish the thought of trying to bed some movie star type of beauty who makes him feel self conscious. I mean if a man wants to pay hard earned money to feel good then the last thing he needs is to be trying to suck in a beer gut or worrying if he’s going to accidentality squash his appointed lover!

Society tells us that big boobs and a huge butt are desirable, but let’s face it, if you want them to be real then there is going to be some chunky thighs and a belly that goes with it and I personally think that a BBW just has more to enjoy and pound for pound is worth every penny spent by the clients who see the beauty in the big girls.