Is THIS the real reason men are travelling to Germany?

Sex work is prolific in the UK with a rise in escort websites, personal ads for massage parlours that hint at a Happy Ending and various other ways of finding a companion for a close encounter of the paid kind.


Owning a call house in the UK is a crime though even though prostitution is not, perhaps that’s why so many UK men are travelling for the experience of visiting a top notch knocking shop filled with exotic women and no chance of police ruining the mood.

Although escorting is legal in the UK, brothels are not. Germany has more than one million men visiting brothels on a daily basis, some will have travelled from places such as the UK to experience a German super brothel as the laws are different there.

The Pascha is the largest brothel in the world. It was opened in 1972 and is situated in Cologne, Germany.

It has around 120 sex workers, over 80 employees and receives up to 1000 customers

a day, some travelling from all over the world including the UK.

The house is open 24 hours a day with an entrance fee of 5 Euros, the customers then negotiate with the workers who sit outside of their rooms, The call house employees negotiate their own wages and get to keep all the money themselves without paying directly out of it although of course they rent their rooms in the call shop and some even live there full time. The Pascha filed for bankruptcy in September 2020 and it is unknown what will happen to it due to current restrictions on call shops due to the current pandemic situation.

In Dusseldorf in August, Sex workers were outside the city parliament buildings protesting for call shops to reopen after they were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Berlin has since allowed brothels to reopen under strict hygiene procedures including masks, disinfecting equipment, proper ventilation and proper recording of clients’ details.

Currently all brothels are closed but when the businesses who can recover from Covid, do, people will be travelling from all over the world to both work in and visit call shops around Germany and experience what they have to offer.