Meet the men making money from dates and more…….

When you think of an Escort a man does not first come to mind does it? After all the female half have always been the focus of the sex worker trade but more and more escort sites have men signing up to join rather than browse.


Male escorts have been around since the early times in all cultures. In the Old Testament and Hebrew Bible prostitution was carried out at shrines by both men and women and was actually called Sacred Prostitution.

In the New Testament, Male prostitutes are mentioned from Graeco-Roman culture.

In ancient Greece male prostitutes were often slaves and male brothels were a prevalent thing there and in Rome.

As times moved on most people assumed that any male escorts were themselves gay and specifically for other gay men, and while there is a thriving trade in Gay escorts and sites dedicated specifically to them, the number of straight males joining the trade to satisfy women only has grown vastly over the last decade.

The ability for women to go online and pick a male escort means that not only is she getting guaranteed companionship from someone she finds attractive and has hand-picked but the skills that he will have undoubtedly picked up from his trade means that no longer will she have to go through the often exhausting process of a date to bring someone home and find out that he is terrible in bed but have practically a guarantee that she will not go to sleep that night without having been sexually satisfied in ways she might never have before. And to top it all off, if she wants to be sexually selfish and not do anything in reciprocation then if that’s what she has asked for then that’s what she’s getting!

There are a number of Escort sites that only deal in men such as Gentlemen4Hire which is the longest running UK straight male escort site and boosts “We have been helping people become male escorts for over 10 years and have thousands of happy female clients”. 

The Male Escort Agency site offers “a full service to help male companions whether straight male escorts, gay male escorts, or bisexual male escorts to advertise and promote their services”.

While the male escort number is rising it is still nothing compared to the female statistics and so any man who goes into this career is more than likely going to be in high demand.