Are larger men in as high demand as the women……

A woman is browsing the profiles of male escorts online…Row after row are Big, buff, beautiful men with chiselled abs, six packs and thighs that could crack a nut. Interspersed with slender, athletic, statues of David looking men, who, while can easily share a double bed without stealing the covers are not exactly giving the impression that they are snacking down on a double pepperoni and binge watching TV on a regular basis!


As a male escort you would expect them to be perfect specimens of health and beauty in order to fulfil the sexual fantasy that women are buying. Because why would you pay for sex and not make sure that you are getting the very best that money can buy?

So what happens when, actually, a woman doesn’t find these muscle-bound men that attractive? 

According to a survey by Planet Fitness, More and more women are stating that they prefer a Dad bod to a six pack! Perhaps it is because a larger amount of men are outing themselves as being in possession of one. Research shows that over 23 MILLION men have come forward as proud Bad bod owners, a much higher number than previously admitted.

Celebrities such as Chris Pratt in his earlier years, Leonardo Dicaprio and Seth Rogan have been held up as poster boys for rocking the Dad bod proudly and inspiring women to admit that these cheeky chappies who make them shake with laughter on screen could also have them shaking in the bedroom! It is a well known stereotype that the less athletic guys have to be funnier to get the girls and perhaps it’s this humour that women are wanting when engaging in sex. After all women like to have their mind stimulated as much as other..uh..bits!

There is a growing confidence among the Dad bods nowadays who are unashamed to let their chubby flag fly and confidence is a highly desirable trait in a sexual partner and confidence is one thing that male escorts do not lack so it should not be a surprise that more cuddly guys are signing up to be escorts. 

At last the women who are looking for men who don’t necessarily have rock hard bellies have a bit more choice! 

Larger ladies especially when hiring an escort may not want a marble like man who just makes her stress about the fact that the cheesecake she ate last night was apparently a 6 people serving and not a precursor to the ice cream she was waiting to soften on the side.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to enjoy sex when your desperately trying to suck in your stomach and ignore the fact that your bingo wings are jiggling in time to the thrusts from bloody Tarzan behind you and wondering if he sees it too.