Meet the men that are gay for pay….

Gay for pay is when a straight person who normally identifies as heterosexual acts or performs in a homosexual way and is paid professionally to do it. These are usually actors, pornography stars and sex workers.


While there are some women who will act as a lesbian for money it is most frequently men that fall into this category.

In regards to actors being gay for pay, Society over the past 30 odd years has slowly grown to be more accepting of gay and lesbian people and so the fear that being seen as gay, while would ruin previous actors careers it is now being seen as just another acting job and not necessarily an indication of the actors sexual preference.

In porn the amount of lesbian actresses is simply not great enough to hire only them and so a lot of women will be gay for pay to be cast in lesbian porn which is one of the largest markets of porn.

In gay porn, the idea of a gay man ‘turning’ a straight man is a huge market and a lot of producers and film makers will deliberately hire a straight male to make it more believable, however the actor who is hired to be ‘turned’ will classify himself as straight.

With websites such as Onlyfans becoming so prolific, a straight man does not have to indulge in gay sex to profit from other men. A lot of straight men cater for gay men who indulge in muscle worshipping, The straight man can indulge in self play such as masturbation, oil rubbing ect and gay men will pay to watch while pleasuring themselves.  

So with all the amount of escorts out there why would some choose to be gay for pay? The answer is simply money…

While on the increase, the number of gay male escorts is simply not enough for the amount of gay clients and a lot of men will state they are gay so that they can get the maximum amount of bookings and therefore money that they are capable of earning. 

A lot of people accept that sexuality is on a spectrum and that male escorts who indulge in gay for pay should not state that they are straight because they are indulging in homosexual acts out of choice but whatever you believe gay for pay remains an expression of these actions.