Why should women have all the fun……..

When you hear the word threesome what comes to mind? A man and his female partner as the couple and a female escort join them right? Whilst that does remain the most common configuration more and more same sex couple’s are hiring escorts for various reasons and male escorts are enjoying the boom in business brought on by more couples trying to spice up their sex lives with a threesome. 


So why are couples hiring male escorts and who are they? Some couples find that inviting a third party into their bed helps to fan the flame or even reignite it if it has run a little low due to time, boredom or just plain familiarity, The act of watching another person with your lover can help to remind them just why they were attracted to them in the first place. Another reason is to fufill an erotic fantasy or roleplay type of thing that requires a third.If the couple is male and fully gay then hiring a male escort is the only way to go about it. 

Some female couples hire a male escort to explore their sexuality, for example, one may be Bisexual or wants to explore if they are and they hire an escort as a kind of test or they are both Bi and simply wish to experience something different than they are used to. 

A straight couple hiring a male escort is rare indeed, perhaps because it is so rarely portrayed in mainstream media the way that a Male/Female/Female threesome is. Whilst society is slowly eradicating the truely homophobic attitudes of the past it is a slow process and many men have a built in unconcious fear of being seen as gay in any way so participating in a threesome with a naked man might be too close to the mark for most. 

Whether it is for a fantasy, a present/treat or to explore sexuality, the fact remains that male escorts and not just for single encounters but can bring a lot to a couple. With experience gained by their line of work they are practically professionals at putting people at ease and giving direction to make the encounter the best it could possibly be without the risk of feelings getting involved and potentially breaking up a longstanding relationship. The risk of jealousy whilst always a possibility when irving another into your sex life is somewhat lessened by hiring an escort because they will make sure unless ottherwise directed that everybody gets the most out of it and are satisfied with the experience.