Is THIS what men want?

Double penetration…Have you done it? Do you know what it is? Read on anyway maybe you’ll learn something! Double penetration is not just one woman having one penis in her bum and one in her fanny in a porno, there are so many variations of which men don’t even need to be there for! Firstly some stats: 


Pornhub did a study that explored the rise in searches for anal and it turned out that between 2009 – 2015 there was a worldwide increase of 78% and a 120% increase in the USA, Meanwhile during the same period of time there was an increase in the search term Gangbang! We can assume that this means that orgies with every butt and vagina filled with something was a very popular video to watch. More stats…In 2010 the Journal of sexual medicine published a study that discovered 31% of women asked had taken part in some form of anal sex in their last sexual encounter and of that number a whopping 94% had at least 1 orgasm, now thats impressive! 

So we know why Penatrative sex in the vagina feels good but why would anal play feel good for a woman? We don’t have a prostate after all right? Actually Cisgendered women have what is called the A-Spot which is actually called the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, See I told you you’d learn something! The A-Spot is approximately 2 inches or so higher than the G Spot, Cisgendered men have the Prostate or P-Spot which is approximately 2 inches inside the rectum between the rectum and the penis. And if that wasn’t enough of an equal opportunity then you’ll be pleased to know what no matter your gender, we all have the same amount of sensitive nerve endings around and inside our anus a lot of which are actually connected to our penis/vagina. 

I don’t think i need to explain to you why Penis in Vagina sex is enoyable right? So between everything you’ve just learnt it’s not hard to see why people are utilising both of these erogenous zones during sex is it? Like i mentioned earlier it doesn’t have to just be 2 men and a woman it can be two or more women using fingers, strap-ons, a tongue…Anything that can fit basically! It can also be two or more men using the same, well maybe not the strap-on but you get the point, and it doesn’t have to be butt and vagina it can be vagina and mouth or any combination of the above. Double penetration is an inclusive, enjoyable change of scenery for the couple who want to explore their bodies and perhaps indulge a long held sexual fantasy. Some couples will hire an escort to be the third participant without the risk of infidelity or feelings being hurt. Chief Executive of the SexScort escort directory, Frank Dethridge, Said ” We have a small number of escorts that use our platform that do offer this service at their discretion. This is classed as an extreme service. ” 

Anyway one more teaching moment ok? Tip one…Lube up! If the anus is involved then however much lube you think you need, triple it! 

Tip two…Go Slow. Communicate and be sensitive to your partners needs for control as the last thing you want is to hurt them. 

Tip three…Treat switching like dealing with raw meat, if it’s been in the anus then wash it or change your love glove before putting it in the next place! We don’t want to transfer germs. And finally Tip 4…Enjoy! Relax and have fun while trying it you’re not in a porno there’s no need to make it fast and furious from the get go. Just explore and have a laugh.