OMG…. Is this how to make your relationship stronger?

Role Playing is categorised as ‘The changing of one’s behaviour to fulfil a social role’. There are many different ways that it is used such as in the theatre which is basically just another way of saying acting. Role playing games or Rpg’s are enormously popular and enable you to become the hero in your very own game either online or when playing alone. Larping, which stands for live action role playing, is when a group of people come together to play in characters as part of an elaborate and ongoing game usually over the course of a weekend or so in hired venues decorated to look like another time/world. Sexual role play is more erotic and personal and is usually used to act out a sexual fantasy that cannot be fulfilled in real life because of either no partner to partake in it or because the fantasy would be immoral if acted upon in real life. Roleplay can vary from a simple change in dress or accent to a full story including props and other people. 


Some role plays can include the Dominant and submissive roles that are common in the BDSM scene, either with a husband and wife acting out the roles or a single person hiring a professional escort such as a Dominatrix to play the role. 

Roleplaying can be great for acting out sexual bondage and roles that could not happen legally and morally in real life and can be quite extreme, For example, The wife is in bed and the husband bursts in pretending to be a robber and then either the wife seduces him or the husband pretends to take the wife by force in simulated rape. A surprising amount of women have a sexual fantasy of being dominated sexually in an aggressive way that they are too reserved to try until they are with a partner who they trust or hire a professional who can fulfil the role safely if there is a husband unwilling to indulge this fetish. 

More and more couples who indulge in role play are hiring an escort to take part in sometimes elaborate scenarios which require a third party to enact and of course single people are the bulk of people hiring an escort for roleplay and research shows that topping the lists of search engines everywhere are: 

The medical profession roleplay which is usually a Doctor and a nurse or a doctor and a patient, Obviously the latter would be highly wrong in real life but when acted out in the bedroom could be fun and sexy and humorous. 

The sexy secretary – The props for this one if needed are usually no more than the wife’s work outfit and a pair of glasses and a pencil, We all know the visual right? The Handyman – It’s obvious why this one is not recommended in real life, Not every washing machine repairman who turns up is actually going to service anything other than the washing machine! 

If done right, role play is a great way to actually improve a relationship between a couple as it not only breaks up the routine that you have fallen into and adds some excitement but the act of discussing and planning and then acting these role play scenarios out can lead to better communication, trust and understanding of your partner.