REVELED…. Why so many men are committing suicide in Japan

We all know how lonely you can feel without a significant other in your life and how depressed and possibly frustrated you can feel when you can’t access any kind of sexual or even simply intimate relations, So what happens when you live in a place where the men so outweigh the eligible women that the chance of meeting someone and forming some kind of connection are slim to none? This is what the men of Tokyo are dealing with and have been for many years and so they turn to hiring professional escorts to help them with their loneliness and stop them from giving into despair. 


Tokyo with its population of 35 million residents, is the world’s most populous city. With that amount of people you would think that men finding a suitable partner would be easy but thanks to the gender inequality that has been rampant all over Japan it is proving hard for men to find a women who matches up to their standards to marry and it has caused the women who are struggling to access the same opportunities as the men of Tokyo to look for alternate sources of income such as becoming an escort, Which the men off Tokyo happily take advantage of while looking for a suitable wife. 

The Gender Inequality Index (GII) Is used to measure the differences in opportunities for genders and was introduced in 2010, Tokyo ranked 19th in the 2019 report which for a country with such a developed industry and high per capita income is really low. The historical Gender norms are held in high esteem and women who try to better themselves and step outside of these predestined roles are seen as not really the right material to marry or be in a relationship with. Understandably this leaves a deficit in women that are considered relationship worthy according to the men of Tokyo who are then left with no other way to satisfy their carnal urges than to hire an escort. 

According to research by Takashi Kadokura of the Dai-ich Life Research Institute, there are over 12,000 sex related establishments in Japan worth over $15 Billion a year. Even though prostitution has been illegal there since 1958 many brothel owners get around the law by calling themselves bathhouses or restaurants. Tokyo itself is home to the Shinjuku Kabukicho Red Light District otherwise known as ‘The sleepless town’. Kabukicho is home to an entire street of street of gay bars, clubs, bars and Love Hotels which are short stay hotels primarily used for escorts to entertain their customers in a safe and clean environment.