OMG…. would you use THIS to help fight wrinkles.

In the words of the famous French aristocrat, the Marquis De Sade….
“… I show them my prick, then what do you suppose I do? I squirt the fuck in their face… That’s my
passion, my child, I have no other… and you’re about to behold it.”
The classy description by the Nobleman, politician, philosopher and writer, about…His Cum on a ladies face.
That’s right! This descriptive prose is about him giving one lucky lady a Facial.


A facial is a sexual activity in which a man ejaculates his cum onto the face of his partner and is normally
done after foreplay or penetrative sex when he is just about ready to explode, he pulls out, takes aim…and…Splat.
Anybody who has watched a porno has been introduced to this practice as it is the Money Shot designed to give the viewer
maximum visibility to this most explosive culmination of sex.

There are varying opinions on the practice of facials ranging from harmless enjoyment from both parties
to it being seen as humiliating and degrading to the woman receiving it, In the way a dog marks his
territory by peeing on a tree some might see the man cumming on a woman’s face as a variant of,
“That’s mine now”.

Thanks to the rise of YouTube and blogging, anybody can go online and state a fact that does not need to
be backed up by proof in the slightest and this has been proved by the growing popularity of stating that
Cum is good for your skin!

That’s right women everywhere are recommending that you let your other half sploof on you….. ya know…for science.
So why are dermatologists around the world not announcing it works? Is it really just a joke that went too far by someone’s boyfriend who
wanted to do it and struggled to convince his girlfriend?

It’s not totally based on nonsense because actually Semen does contain Spermidine which is a natural
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. One study published in Nature Cell Biology found that by injecting
Spermidine directly into cells, it slowed down the aging process. HOWEVER…Spermidine is present in
every single organism that has a clearly defined nucleus and that means it doesn’t just come from…well…
cum, but can be found in everything organic from yeast to pigs. That means that the effect of rubbing
semen on your face is about as effective as having a bacon sandwich and I don’t know about you but I
know which one I would rather do!

Also, How bad would it be to find out that you were allergic to cum which is known as Human Seminal
Plasma Hypersensitivity when you went to the doctor with red, itchy skin covered in blisters and had to
pathetically admit that you were too cheap to buy a £10 skin cream and instead tried your first facial
because you thought it would make you look pretty?