Is THIS where it starts for many women….?

Have you ever watched a Porno film and thought..”I could do that”? Well it turns out that so have the majority of escorts that star in adult movies and visa versa!


Since the days of pin up girls in magazines the Porn industry has blossomed into a multi billion pound industry over the past 50 years from VHS to DVD’s to Online uploads and interactive porn websites. Despite the taboo of porn lessening as time goes on, no scientist who wants to be taken seriously is spending their time researching the economic and financial state of the porn industry but suffice to say the actors are not the only thing that’s huge about it!

So surely with the amount of revenue porn films earn, the actors are being paid well and are not needing to take on extra work right? According to Derek Hay – the founder of LA Direct Models which represents many of the top adult performers, The fees paid to adult actors vary depending on a multitude of different factors. Typically, a female actor performing a scene with an male earns approximately $1,000 (£800), whereas filming a scene with another female would earn her approximately $700-800 (£550). The more taboo the scene for instance, Anal and whether the actor has done it before also raises the price. While this is a great amount for a days work with the amount of adult film actors available and the amount of content available for free means that  there is no guarantee of your next payday especially if you don’t stand out among the thousands of other actors vying for the part.

To make up the rest of their earnings a lot of adult stars have opted to become an escort on the side and because of her ‘Celebrity’ Status and experience can often charge up to double the price of the average escort.

Escorts who offer their clients the typical Pornstar Experience, (which is a more hardcore, vocal, energetic experience) instead of  the typical Girlfriend experience (which is more sensual and intimate), have taken to going into the porno film industry because of their experience and the wish for a higher payday than an escort gig can get them.

The two most searched for terms in regards to age are Teen..and Milf. So whether you are happy being an escort or you wish to go into the adult entertainment industry, If you are a female you can have a very long and financially stable career because there is no shortage of people wanting your services either in real life or on film.