It’s called a job for a reason

Whether seeing an escort for sex, companionship or a simple blowjob it is important to remember that there are rules in place for certain activities that may occur between you.


First of all when contacting an escort you will usually see a list of things that she is willing to offer sometimes with letters to signify what they are instead of a description. Here are the most commonly used ones in regards to oral sex:

BJ – Blowjob – Shows she offers oral without any extra information, ask for details.

BBBJ – Bareback BJ – She offers Head without the use of a condom.

BJTC – Blowjob to completion. She will give head until the client cums.

CIM – Cum in mouth – BJTC without a condom.

OWO – oral without – No condom needed, Most popular acronym used.

DT – Deepthroat – Shows she does oral but no information on protection.

Secondly if you have confirmed that the escort offers oral but does not state with or without protection, then always message/phone her to ask if it is important to you so you are not let down if she turns you down at your meet for something she does not offer.

Thirdly, If the escort has stated that she will not perform oral without a condom then do not try to negotiate with her once you are in the meet. It doesn’t matter if you are free of sexual diseases and infections or if she does not offer CIM and you promise to pull out before completion…At the end of the day, You are a stranger to her. She has no reason to believe you and she should not be put in a position where she has to say no to something she is uncomfortable with, same as any other person you have a sexual relationship with.

Most escorts you come across will offer some form of oral sex either with or without protection as it is one of the most common reasons for someone to hire an escort in the first place, it is not always just about sex sometimes a client wishes to receive head for different reasons such as: They do not get it in their relationship die to a partner not willing to offer it. Others may not wish to put themselves at the extra risk of a STD or unwanted pregnancy by engaging in sex but still wish to have an orgasm and an intimate encounter through oral instead of simply masturbating themselves. Most will simply enjoy this as foreplay to sex and utilise it within the meeting. Whatever the reasons, Escorts who do not offer this service are less likely to be hired and so it remains one of the most popular services available.