OMG….did you know THESE happened?

Have you ever been invited to a Munch? Not for a munch but To one? Confused? Let me fill you in on the lesser known exploits of the BDSM community!


So firstly what is BDSM? Firstly the acronym commonly stands for Bondage, Discipline, (BD) Domination and Submission,(DS)  Sadism and Masochism. (SM) So this is basically a name for the community of kinky people who like to indulge in sexual practices that often include inflicting or receiving pain on each other or exerting power over another. Due to the wide range of Kinks involved a lot of people do not think they are involved in BDSM unless it is the hardcore end of the spectrum but that is not always the case. Here is where the Munch comes in!

A Munch usually takes place in a restaurant, bar or coffee shop or anywhere where you can eat and drink hence the name! Munches held in drink only venues are sometimes referred to as Sploshes. So the organiser often hires out a section somewhere out of the way but more often that not just a large table as there is no set number of people who are known to turn up because people are often expected to come and go within the period of times that the meeting is specified to be. The point of the Munch is for people who are interested in the BDSM scene to come and meet new people and learn about it or to network with others already in the scene. The people who turn up are not likely to be obvious, there is no latex clad table with people on dog leads but just a nice, non intimidating group of people who could be in a hobby club or work meeting.

While most Munch meetings are general to give newcomers a chance to learn, some will have a specialist Kink in mind such as whipping or Tying up and this is so people can learn about the one particular kink that brought them into the BDSM scene. Other meetings may have a callout for a specific group of people within a kink for example Those who are into Domination and Submission may hold a group aimed particularly at Female ‘Subs’ either to learn more about it or to network.

Most munches can be found on social media such as Facebook and require a simple search or perhaps an invitation to a group by another member. Some BDSM communities will have mailing lists to ensure that all previous Munch Members are kept informed as to where the meetings will take place and what they are about.

Whatever way you find a Munch once you are there you’ll usually find a wealth of information, tips, networking and more often than not invites to other types of Munches and parties and upcoming BDSM events in your area. There are a few common rules to follow such as, Don’t dress as you might at a BDSM event, keep it casual. Do not take pictures unless invited, Do not go with the intention of picking anyone up – It’s a meet and greet not a singles night. If you find yourself uncomfortable you can pay up and leave but it’s worth asking the organiser and other members if there is another munch you can go to that is more your thing.