REVEALED…. Why men love THESE

It’s common knowledge that men love a lady with long legs more so than their shorter counterparts with the exception of possibly short men who do not wish to be made to feel inferior in any way. But why the love for legs which are not exactly considered one of the erogenous zones?


Typically most women when they go through puberty go from thin and twiggy legs to longer and more curvy limbs and this proof of puberty signalled in men that she was ready for mating in the past. This biological signal still remains whether men realise it or not. So primarily long legs are a sign of fertility and age.

Although a sign of attractiveness it seems as though legs are admired as being aesthetically pleasing rather than sexually attractive minus the people who have a leg fetish. So they may enhance a woman’s beauty without being the focus of it.

Whole shoe industries have earned millions in creating high heels which are designed to show off and elongate a woman’s legs, These are designed mainly with men in mind as a way to make women more attractive because let’s face it, Women are not wearing them for their ability to walk around all day comfortably! As much as women claim that they wear them because they look good and make them feel good if there were no men around to admire the results then you can bet a soft slipper or trainer would be everywhere.

Fashion models have to be a certain height for most high end agency’s to sign them and this is an obvious representation of society’s obsession with leggy beauties. Clothes can be used to highlight a woman’s attractiveness and leg length is a huge part of this in the clothing industry. Skirt and dresses for example come in many different lengths and women with longer legs have the ability to reveal a lot more leg before it reaches her privates and by the same token she can hide a lot more giving her a sense of mystique to the opposite sex. A shorter lady in a mini skirt only has a small area of skin she can show without it simply turning into flashing!

Men who wish to think they could date a supermodel however have been turning to escorts who have the dimensions they are after instead of risking being turned down by these Amazonian superstars. Escorts who have long legs and bare them in their pictures are often picked a lot more over their shorter limbed associates. For the rest of the shorter ladies there are always shorter skirts and bigger heels!