WOW…. is this what men notice first on a woman?

BOOBS! Big pendulous heavy tits aren’t they great? Ok so not all men prefer the bigger breast, some may have a preference for the smaller perky boobs, just a handful and indeed the phrase ‘anymore than a handful is a waste’ is floating around out there, but then when it comes to Breasts who says you have to just use your hands? There’s your mouth and indeed your whole face! Motorboat anyone?


If you are of the tiny tits appreciation society then yay good for you but today we are discussing the bountiful bosoms of the escort world. ‘Big tits’ ‘Big boobs’ and ‘Big Breasts’ are usually pretty high on the search bar lists of every escort site and google search bar out there, so why are they so popular? They are after all just bags of fat hanging off a woman’s body not to mention the fact that they supply food to babies and watching someone eat is not exactly a sexual thing or at least it shouldn’t be unless over 18 and maybe have a feeder obsession which is fine you know, live and let live!

However, speaking of babies, science tells us that one reason men may lust after a set of busty boobs is because apparently, Larger breasts may signal increased fertility! And even though in this day and age we don’t mate just to make babies, indeed we have multi million pound industries dedicated to NOT getting pregnant..The caveman in all of us is hard to shed and years of biological impulses can’t just disappear even if we don’t acknowledge it. Caveman of old would pick the most fertile female to do the dirty deed with in the hopes that she would survive childbirth from the resulting pregnancy. Romance!

Society has also had a profound impact on the attitudes towards breasts, The invention of the push up bra, the scientific advances in Boob jobs and the celebrity culture of being half undressed in a music video bouncing both your butt and your boobs to the sounds of music. There is no escape nowadays from the idea that bigger is better!

Big boobs however are also prone to gravity in a way that their smaller siblings are not and that is NOT attractive to most men who apparently expect the ladies to defy nature as well as hoist around an extra 10lbs of weight and look happy about it. But as mentioned above there have been amazing advances in breast surgery so Big boobs can be manhandled into a perkiness that doesn’t come naturally with the help of an uplift if they so wish…That or get a reduction and joining the Itty Bitty Titty Team and forget the whole problem of back pain and ugly bras!