Would you hire someone for THIS……

When you think of the type of men who hire escorts what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the super busy businessman who simply doesn’t want to waste time charming a woman in a social setting and just wants to get down to..well..Business!


Or maybe it’s the middle aged unhappily married man or fresh divorcee who wants someone to make him feel wanted and that he can talk to about his situation without fear of being rejected? Then there are the older gentlemen who have maybe been alone a long time and want to feel the intimacy of someone again, someone young who they would not normally be able to pull? These tend to be the typical stereotypes that call upon the services of escorts right?

So many people would be surprised to find out that a large number of men that solicit sex workers are actually virgins. The people who hire escorts to take their virginity usually fall into two categories.

First you have the young men. Let’s call them the 18 to 30’s. These people have usually missed the typical cut off point of late teens to early 20’s where most of society have experienced their first sexual acts and now are embarrassed to enter into a relationship for fear of ridicule or not having the necessary skills to please a woman. By hiring an escort they get to not only get it over and done with and out the way so to speak so that they can stop thinking of themselves as virgins but they also get a chance to learn skills from a ‘pro’ making sure that they are not lacking when they enter into a relationship of their own.

The second category is the over 30’s. These men have made it all the way into proper adulthood with their virginity and in some cases into middle age. Societys attitudes towards these men tend to be that there is something wrong with them to have not had sex by that point and this then makes it even harder for them to start a relationship with anybody for fear of being mocked. They are also probably very lonely and long for intimate affection from a woman and this is where most escorts will offer the girlfriend experience as a way to gently lead them into the sexual revolution in a way that is kind and understanding.

Whatever the reasons for someone hiring an escort to take their virginity, Rest assured that she would treat them with care and teach them a thing or two along the way! So that person you slept with last that you said was so good in bed?? He may have just learnt his tricks from such a situation. So thanks Escorts for your good deeds!