WOW…. How many women do THIS

Today we are going to talk about Fisting…Because why not? If you Google search this term I guarantee you that the top 20 websites will more than likely be nothing but links to porn videos but not everyone actually knows enough about this practice so here I am to help you navigate this diverse subject!


To put it simply, Fisting is when you or more likely a partner inserts all of their fingers into the vagina at once. How does it work? The most popular method is known as the ‘Silent duck’ or ‘Duck billing’. This is where the person doing the inserting forms a kind of duck beak shape with their fingers, stretched out straight and grouped closely together. Contrary to the name you do not shape your hand into a fist this is a totally other sexual act usually referred to as ‘punching’ or ‘punch fisting’. The fingers are then inserted into a well lubricated vagina and removed repeatedly in a thrusting motion.

So why do some women enjoy this? According to Searah Deysach, owner of sex toy site Early To Bed and long-time sex educator: “For many, the incredible sense of fullness is what feels amazing, For others, the intense pressure a fist can put on your G-spot and sometimes A-spot, is the draw. This is an activity that requires patience, tenderness, and communication, so some people love how it makes them feel connected to and cared for by their partner. Fisting can be enjoyable for the fister, too, Some people are turned on by being in control, by making their partner feel good, and being able to provide someone with that sensation of fullness,”

‘Pussy Fistpumping’ and ‘Fanny Fisting’ are top searches for men looking for an escort that will let them experience this practice. The fact that it is prevalent in porn but not exactly shown in movies lends it an air of excitement that draws in people looking to try new things they may not be able to do outside of an escort/client relationship.

People trying this should be aware that it carries serious risk if done incorrectly or too forcefully such as laceration or perforation to the vagina, rectum and colon. Also because of the risk of air going into the vagina there is also the risk of a fatal air embolism. Because of the risks involved anybody trying this is advised to use latex gloves and plenty lubrication so reduce the risk and also to have a designated safe word ready which, if uttered, will halt the activity immediately.