OMG….How many women enjoy doing THIS

Anilingus otherwise known as ‘Rimming’ ‘Rimjob’ or simply ‘Eating ass’ is an oral and anal sex act where the giver stimulates the other persons butt hole with their mouth, be it with tongue, lips or teeth. Due to society’s lessening prudishness with discussing anything to do with sex, (especially if it involves the bum!) This practice has become more prevalent, especially with the younger generations.


So first, why do people want to do this? The anus itself has a huge amount of nerve endings which alone can feel great when stimulated, also, The pudendal nerve that branches to supply the external anal sphincter also branches to the dorsal nerve of the clitoris and the dorsal nerve of the penis.

If that is confusing, let me simplify it for you… Not only does it feel good when someone is playing with your Butt but some of the nerves also make your naughty fronts feel great too!

Whilst a thorough clean is just good manners before anybody goes down there, it’s also essential for the safety or the giver as Bacteria and parasites such as salmonella and E. coli can be present as they pass through the anus. Also Bacteria in the bum can cause infections in the vagina so don’t forget to swish before you switch!

Need tips to get you on your way? The most popular position for this is for the receiver to be in the doggy position and the partner kneeling behind them with hands on bum to help guide and spread the cheeks if need be. The 69 position is also great if you can handle being distracted at the same time. Treat rimming exactly the same as you would regular oral sex, you don’t need to go straight for the anus you can lick and nip and generally work your way there around the thighs, cheeks and perineum.

Did you know that during ‘The Thirty Years War’ which was fought in central europe between 1618 and 1648, Forcefull and fully public anilingus was actually used as a form of punishment and humiliation for prisoners!? Little fact for you there just in case you would like to add a little dom/sub roleplay into your bum fun!

Escorts who offer Rimming on their profile are becoming higher in number and popular on sites due to the still slightly diverse of anal play in society. Some men who wish to practice it cannot find a partner who is willing to try it and so turn to sex workers to live out this particular fantasy.