Would you kiss after THIS….

Snowballing is NOT as innocent as it sounds when we are talking about it in the sense of a sexual act! Snowballing or Snowdropping is basically when a man ejaculates into another person’s mouth and then the recipient of the cum engages in an open mouth kiss with the ejaculator passing the semen back into their mouth with a healthy dollop of their own saliva…Grossed out yet? There’s more! The original ejaculator then passes it back with even more saliva mixed in and so forth hence the term Snowballing because it gets bigger each time! Yes. This is a thing.


CIM or Cum in mouth is a divisive subject at the best of times, Mostly revered in porn it has become a thing that younger men seek out to experience. It is thought that the man enjoys seeing a woman play with their cum especially if she appears to like the taste. It is a big turn on especially if the woman then swallows it.

The New Partridge Dictionary of American Slang states that the term dates back to 1972 and was typically used only by the gay and Bisexual male community.

 In 2004 over a thousand gay and Bi men were interviewed during LGBT events and gay clubs, 20% of these admitted to engaging in snowballling at least once.

Perhaps these historic links to the gay community are why a lot of heterosexual men are uncomfortable with the practice and refuse to participate, not because it can gross a lot of people out but because they do not wish to be seen as doing anything that compromises their masculinity.  Of the Straight men who do wish to participate in the practice it can sometimes be very hard to find a willing partner among girlfriends or one night stands and so a large number of them have taken to hiring an escort specifically to get a chance at it.

While snowballing tends to be between one male and a female receiver, porn has heightened the awareness to the practice and subsequently included any number of participants into the equation. When the ejaculator passes his semen to one woman and then she passes it to a totally different participant and then back or carried forward to more people then this is known as Cum Swapping.

So if you want to engage in Snowballing with a partner and are unsure how to approach the matter once agreed you are interested, Start small…A kiss post blowjob to get used to the taste perhaps then leaving a little bit behind the next time then repeat or a really wet kiss between you to get used to the idea of having excess liquid in your mouth if you don’t want to jump straight into it. Just don’t forget to use mouthwash when you’re done!