THIS is one way to shower…..

Golden showers are part of what is known as piss play in the world of pee loving people who collectively are known to have Urolagnia or urophilia, which is someone who has sexual excitement at the thought or sight of urine often in a sexual setting.


Urolagnia is a Paraphilia which used to be called sexual perversion or sexual deviation but with society’s attitude to kink becoming more understanding it was changed to reflect attitudes. A paraphilia is basically the sexual excitement and arousal in response to objects, situations, behaviours and individuals that are outside of the normal scope of sexual behaviour. The origin of Urolagnia comes from the Greek language, Ouron (urine), and Lagneia (lust). So putting it in the simplest terms possible – Unlike a lot of other people, Wee makes them horny!

Unlike other forms of Urolagnia which include someone being aroused by someone else wetting themselves, drinking it or bathing in it, Golden showers are specifically one person peeing on another person or multiple people.

It is considered to be part of the BDSM category as the domination/submissive and humiliation aspects are a part of power play for a large number of participants. There is an element of roleplay to it also because it’s not like you can just go outside and piss on someone in everyday life without getting arrested!

Although considered an unusual kink there are actually large communities of urine loving people that regularly host ‘Piss Parties’. In fact London has a huge number of clubs that host these parties every year and attract hundreds of people to these fetish venues to party and pee all night long!

People who have discovered that they have a pee fetish have done so in unknowing and innocent ways, such as watching a partner pee in the shower and finding themselves turned on or their partner let a little wee out when they orgasmed and they realised that it excited them even more than just watching the orgasm in the first place. However they happened upon realising they wanted to experiment, there were numerous websites and forums dedicated to teaching people how to embrace the experience.

If you are interested in trying out pee play for yourself then i have a couple of tips for you…Drink plenty beforehand to maximise the amount that you can produce, Invest in a great waterproof line for your bed if that is where you wish to play otherwise the bathroom or even outside in a private area are great places to experiment, and finally, make sure you have consent…Nobody wants an unexpected golden shower!