REVEALED… How popular THIS sex act is

If you have ever watched porn that has an orgy in it, then chances are you have seen and heard of Bukkake. Formed from the Japanese word bukkakeru and turned into a noun, it basically translates into Splashing something forcefully with liquid. In this case the something is usually a woman and the liquid is sperm from more than one man.


While the practice practically originated in Japan during the 1980’s it branched out across America and Europe until it became a popular and well used feature in pornographic films where it remains a fan favourite today.

A quick search of leading porn site PornHub shows that the work Bukakke turns up over one hundred thousand results with ‘Amature’ topping the numbers closely followed by ‘porn star’ and ‘Big tits’.

The aim of Bukakke is to cover as much of the woman’s body with semen as possible and so the more male participants taking part, the more popular it is.

The woman is typically sat or lying on a sofa or kneeling on the floor in a submissive gesture and often when dressed up, it will involve some form of submissive uniform such as a schoolgirl or stewardess.

Perhaps it is this submissive and humiliation aspect of Bukakke that explains why it is more popular in countries where women’s rights are considered below average or where the woman’s role is more traditional. Women in countries where equality has made strides tend to not partake and watch as much porn that seemingly degrades a woman or ‘Puts her in her place’ unless they are specifically into the Dominant/Submissive aspect of BDSM.

The practice is also portrayed in Gay pornography nowdays where a number of men ejaculate on a single male seperate from the group, However this is significantly less produced than heterosexual Bukakke with a search of PornHubs video numbers showing only 1115 results for ‘Gay Bukkake’.

Bukakke is considered generally a safe practice as long as the woman avoids getting it in her mouth where there is a risk for STD transmission, her eyes and the rest of her body is free from cuts and broken skin.