Dogging in London

Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Do you enjoy sex? You know what would be great..if you could combine the two! Well lucky you there is already an established network all over london that makes this a possibility and that network is inhabited by people that love to engage in Dogging!


Dogging is when people engage in sexual acts from oral to full blown penetrative sex in a semi public place where there is a rick of getting caught to add to the excitement. The places picked are usually secluded green spots shrouded in privacy and despite being a big thriving city of over eight million people, London is actually filled with such places!

According to websites the following places are the most popular for people to go dogging:

Kenley Common , Caterham – Sources say that there is a quiet wooded area here,

Coombe Lane, Croydon – A clearing off left of the bushes left of Oaks lane.

Crystal Palace park – Just after the museum after hours just cross the barrier.

Trent Park, Enfield – FIve car parks to choose from, very popular!

Foots Cray, Bexley –  “Woods on the side of the road, Friday and Saturday nights after 11 according to people on SwingerNation.

Wandsworth Park – Typically a younger crowd

So that’s just a few sites that have proven popular on Swinger websites and Dogging forums, Now you have to find someone willing to go with you! BabydollEmma is just one of the escorts in London that advertises her services to prospective dogging partners, She loves the thrill that it gives her being watched by others and the risk of being come across…In more ways than one!

With dogging becoming more and more popular in London more escorts have started to offer this service….

Just remember that privacy is super important to the people who regularly go dogging and as such there are a few rules you should follow to keep it secret, safe and enjoyable.

Wear a condom and take a few extra to share around to be extra popular.

Do not ‘Dog’ in front of children or passer-by’s.

Don’t draw attention. You can flash your lights to signify people can watch but no beeping your horn.

Do not destroy public or private property and clean up after yourselves.

Now go have some fun!