Is THIS the best position for both partners?

Have you experienced a Soixante-neuf? No this is not some type of French tart…Although it could be I suppose depending on your partner…I’m talking about a Sixty-nine or 69!


A Sixty-nine is a sexual position where two people position themselves so that their mouths are next to each other’s genitals with one upside down and one the right way up, Like you would have an inverted 6 become a 9 to create the number 69, hence the name! The idea of this sex position is that you can perform oral sex on eachother at the same time.

There are a few reasons that this position is not comfortable for all people for example, if you happen to be getting down with someone who has hobbit like proportions then there is every chance that the only thing she will be able to reach to lick is your belly button, and that’s a whole different kind of kink!

Women who have a Kim Kardashian kind of derriere or very thick thighs run the risk of cutting off the air supply to their partners face when things get a little distracting and she may not realise that the person under her is not grabbing that ass hard just for fun but because they can’t breathe! If this couple tries to reverse it so that the man is on top then that presents dangers of its own as she then has no control over just how deep that penis is going to go and with a head against a pillow there is really nowhere for her to go to get away from this unexpected tonsil check!

But if you are of similar height and are able to do the position comfortably then boy are you in for a good time, not to mention it’s definitely a timesaver.

The mentions or depictions of the 69 has ranged from a picture on a very old oil lamp in the Munich museum which is considered to be ancient roman to a sculpture of a woman, legs around a man neck and hanging from a mans shoulders to reach him which was found in a sacred temple cavern near Mumbai, India and brought to the UK in the Eighteenth century. It is also referred to in the famous sex bible The Kama Sutra, It states that  “When a man and woman lie down in an inverted order, i.e. with the head of the one towards the feet of the other and carry on [mouth] congress, it is called the ‘congress of a crow’.”

Anything that has hung around for this long shows that when it is able to be done and done right then it is something to be remembered!