Roleplay in London

When I mention Roleplay here I’m not talking about actors and I’m not talking about empathy skills and coaching, I’m talking about Sexual Roleplay.


The acting out of a sexual fantasy between two or more people as foreplay and sexual arousement.

Roleplay is a great way of getting over sexual inhibitions due to the fact that there is a kind of script to work from and you are not playing yourself so do not feel as vulnerable as you might in other circumstances.

While roleplay can take place online over the internet in forums or chat rooms it also is a lot of fun in the real world. Men, women and couples all throughout London have taken to hiring escorts to be involved for many reasons. Some may need a third party to be involved if the fantasy is of a threesome nature while others cannot have the desire filled by their partners or one night stands and so hire a professional that is ready to play any role. Others hire an escort that has experience in a certain type of role for example a dominatrix, A dominatrix is someone who takes a dominant role in BDSM type activities it does not have to be about pain but can involve subjugation or humiliation.

With Role Play being so popular in London, it makes sense for escorts to offer this service….. Not only are there many Dominatrix’s and submissives but also a lot of the girls cater to the less kink kind of roles that are common among roleplay such as medical and educational fantasy’s.

Jennifer, a Colombian escort living in London is just one of many that offer a Role Play service…

She has been involved in many roleplay scenarios from the naughty nurse to the bossy headmaster!

Some scenarios for you to try when you find the right lady are:

Secretary and boss – Blurring the lines of that work relationship!

Maid or butler and boss – That sexy maid outfit is a must.

An erotic massager – No need to be turned down for that happy ending.

If you are a couple looking to hire a third you could try:

Caught in the act – A couple are discovered in bed by the partner who decides to join in rather than kick off!

Voyeurism – One person is hidden away watching two lovers have a great time.

Unicorn Hunt – Pretend to pick up your escort at a bar and then take her home for naughty fun the choices are unlimited as are the number of ladies in London who love to play!