The celebrity men allegedly caught with prostitutes

In the crazy world of celebrities it is no secret that whatever they get up to rarely remains private and sometimes they are held to an unfairly higher standard than most due to their role model like status. So it’s not surprising that some  A-List men have caused an uproar by hiring escorts and the public finding out. What is most surprising is that it wasn’t the stigma associated with sex work that caused such a sensation but rather the opinion that as a celebrity, surely they did not NEED to pay for female company, they could just get it anytime so why then hire a professional?


In 2019 there was a lot of stories circulating the news circuit about Trump in 2013, hiring sex workers to urinate on the bed where the Obama’s had previously slept in a high class Moscow hotel. Despite Trump’s claims that this was “FAKE NEWS – A total political witch hunt!” there was reported to be dossier compiled by a retired british MI6 spy working for Trump’s political opponents. The FSB, russias spy agency apparently had the hotel room bugged so if there is proof then it is likely in the hands of Vladamir Putin. Time will tell if this can be proven!

Hollywood madam Michelle Braun claimed that she sent gold superstar Tiger Woods escorts six times between 2006 – 2007 costing him 60,000 dollars!

According to Braun the most he paid for a girl named Loredana, was $15,000.

More than one escort at a time was hired as Tiger apparently loved to watch too, Braun stated that “He liked girl-on-girl. He had sex with them together”

Now Tiger was an absolute megastar back in the day and was always seen with a bevy of beautiful women hanging around so even if he wanted to have extra marital affairs, why would he hire escorts? Perhaps the privacy and less risk of it getting out? That obviously did not work out too well.

One celebrity that has actually admitted to hiring an escort is none other than the talk show host Jerry springer! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! When he got into politics in the late 80’s he knew that any dirty laundry would no doubt be uncovered and so he actually made a tv advert telling the public that he paid for a prostitute with a cheque! He spoke to The New York Times later saying, “I wish I hadn’t done that. And the truth is, I wish no one would ever know. But in the rough world of politics, opponents are not about to let personal embarrassments lay to rest.” His no nonsense attitude didn’t win him the election but did garner him a huge fan base that carried over to The Jerry Springer Show.

Other celebrities that are rumoured to or have been proved to have hired escorts are, Charlie Sheen, Hugh Grant, Eddie Murphy, and even George Washington and King Charles II. Personally I would love to see the little black books of the madams that are regularly hired by PA’s everywhere around Hollywood!