What it’s really been like for THESE women during lockdown.

As the UK today enters another lockdown due to the rising numbers and spread of Coronavirus or Covid 19, Escorts everywhere are having to make tough choices about whether to quarantine or continue working and putting their health at risk.


Some escorts who work out of brothels or strip clubs have had their source of income drastically altered as more and more places are shut down. The women who work from home are left with the choice to either continue working or not.

If they choose to carry on working they will continue earning and due to the drop in numbers of escorts willing to work, may find themselves busier than ever. But with every person that they are in close proximity with is an increasing risk of catching coronavirus from. If the escort then catches Covid she runs the risk of spreading it to each and every customer that she comes into contact with especially if she is asymptomatic and does not realise she has it.

Those who choose to stop working are then faced with having no income to survive on. There are specialist charities out there designed to help women who are stuck in sex work with no regular income but due to the pandemic a lot of services have either stopped or moved over to virtual help only.

Many escorts have moved their business online by offering text and phone call services, Selling underwear, Webcam video appointments and anything else they can think of to continue gaining an income but it is no substitute for being able to actually give appointments to clients and earn more money in a shorter time.

Teela Sanders, a criminology professor at the university of Leicester spoke to the BBC and told them “Governments have been very good at providing social protection for the majority of people, particularly self-employed people, but sex workers are not included,”

For the escorts that choose to continue working a majority of them will be providers and have no choice but to carry on putting themselves at risk to keep their bills paid, kids fed and some semblance of normal life continuing.

If you yourself are a sex worker unable to work and you find yourself in need of support, food or medicine then there is a helpline that runs between 9am and 5pm on 0800 111 4000 that provides non judgemental help.