Are THESE the best ways to get excited

We all have our favorite ways of getting in the mood for sex and foreplay is a very important thing especially for the ladies as you don’t want to go in dry and start a fire! Friction burn is nobody’s idea of a good time.


For men it seems as if foreplay just isn’t taken as seriously. For a lot of men it seems as though penetrative sex is the end goal and anything that distracts from that is simply a waste of time, they know the women need to foreplay and are mostly happy to give it but it never seems to be reciprocated does it? How many ladies have played with their guys’ nipples? Kissed their way down their bodies with little licks? I mean I get it, women need the foreplay so that they are adequately lubed up and ready to go whereas men can just unzip and off he pops! So it’s bound to be a little one sided. But there is one type of foreplay that nearly all men love and wouldn’t turn down and if they can’t get it from their partners then they often hire escorts or find someone else to fulfil that sexual need and that need is…Blowjobs.

Getting a blowjob is ranked among the top porn search bars along with 4play, head and CIM (Cum in mouth). Some prefer getting head until completion and then they return the foreplay favour until they are ready to go again and find that this helps them prolong the actual sex, While others like to receive it right up to the popping point before donning a condom and finishing off having sex. Others still will stop the lady and then take aim elsewhere but that’s a whole different article!

The good thing about blowjob’s is that it’s pretty hard to get completely wrong. Sure, you can get head that know..fine,  it does the job… but then you can get the best blowjob you have ever had in your life and you think you’re in heaven! But as long as it is wet and warm surrounding your penis, chances are you are going to enjoy it.

If you are a lady looking for some tips or you are a man who wants to ask for better head but doesn’t know how to teach it then here you go:

ATTITUDE: The best thing a woman can do when giving head is to show that she is enjoying it and having fun with it is a huge turn on for the man, be enthusiastic!

USE YOUR HAND: Don’t just concentrate on the tip and forget about the shaft, you don’t need to be able to deepthroat to get the rest involved just use your hand as you would with a handjob while you are giving head.

DON’T NEGLECT THE BALLS: Many women forget this part while concentrating on giving good head but a man will really appreciate the quick stroke and fondle of his balls and maybe a gentle pull on them right as he is about to cum, trust me!