Are you addicted to THIS?

Is it possible to be addicted to sex? In 2010 it was recommended to be added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders under the umbrella term of other sexual related addictions, as Hypersexual Disorder but it was denied due to the diversive number of scientists who do not support it as an actual addiction.


So why do some scientists think that this could be an addiction? Firstly it has compulsive elements to it in terms of the sufferer feeling like they have to do it, even though it can have a detrimental effect on certain areas of their lives. The second reason is because it shares some of the elements of drug addiction, in relation to the sufferer experiencing a type of ‘High’ that they are looking for again and again with some tolerance building up leading to needing more. The high referred to is the release of large amounts of Oxytocin which is nicknamed the cuddle hormone or love hormone as it promotes a feeling of love and well being, Scientists are even looking into the use of Oxytocin to combat depression and anxiety.  

So when escorts are hired by men who may be addicted to sex this can cause a number of problems in their lives the first being Money. Many men who pay cash for sex, can find themselves hiding financial problems from partners or neglecting Bills and debts.

 Secondly, personal relationships, if the sufferer is in a relationship then hiding their activities from them will automatically instil a sense of shame or anger which will damage the relationship. This can carry over to other personal relationships such as friends and family.

Risk of diseases is another concern as the more people you have sex with the more the risk of catching something or even causing an unwanted pregnancy is raised. If the person engaging in a lot of sex becomes infected they can spread it to not only other sex workers but to their partners and even children, if they catch something like herpes which can be transferred by a simple kiss via cold sores, if the child or family member has broken skin then it is possible to catch it.

Work may suffer due to low mood, stress and anxiety caused by guilt or money problems which can affect performance or even lead to being fired. If the sufferer is fired then where to find the money to pay for the addiction becomes a major problem and can lead in some cases to crimes being committed to raise the funds to carry on.

Whether it is classified as a ‘proper’ addiction or not the fact of the matter is, getting into a pattern of paying for sex can, if not careful, spiral out of control and cause immense harm.