Dogging in Liverpool

For those who enjoy sex al fresco with added voyeurism and danger of being happened upon, Then Dogging is for you friend!


In Liverpool there is a rich history of Dogging, which is when People engage in sex acts in public places which are hidden slightly or out of the way of the public. Other people then come to watch them or if invited, to join in.

Merseyside made the news in the Liverpool Echo newspaper last year with the subject of Dogging. “Angry dad put off his fish and chips by ‘widespread’ dogging at beauty spots” yelled the headline followed by the story that he has witnessed people “bent over car bonnets” at his local beauty spot and was now boycotting the area.

In response to the article an Ex-Dogger spoke to the newspaper and said, “There really is no one stereotype. They are of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds.  I never came across an instance where a couple didn’t insist on condoms being worn, those involved in the scene practice safe sex. This is not a social scourge that is causing distress to unsuspecting locals. It is a minority sport, taking place at remote beauty spots away from residential areas, mainly late at night. I understand why it mightn’t float most people’s boat but the prudes shouldn’t be allowed to spoil the fun for others because of their own sexual hang-ups.”

Not all Dogging has to involve cars although car meets are a very popular and warmer method than simply wandering into a cap park at night like a bit of a weirdo!

Dogging is not ‘perverts in macs’ as society likes to portray them but come from every walk of life, Your middle aged posh neighbours may just be taking a Sunday drive over to the woods in the evening for more than some fresh air!

With Dogging being so popular, there has been a rise of escorts in Liverpool offering this service…..

For those of you who wish to engage in dogging but either do not have someone to go with or maybe you have a bigger car than most and wish to have a threesome to add to the thrill after all you have to put on a good show. There are people watching!

Sexy Sophiee 69 is just one of the escorts in Liverpool that offer a dogging service….

And if you are looking for somewhere to take her then may I offer a TripAdvisor review of Spud Wood by Paul Felix of Warrington:

“Although I don’t have a dog this place is great for dogging in the evening, as dusk falls the doggers appear, the paths can be muddy and can make dogging really dirty!. Some people let their dogs off the lead and let them get up to all sorts. All in all a good time had by all.”