Would you make THIS bigger?

We’ve all deleted those emails in our spam folder, “Do you want an enormous dick!” “Make your cock grow 4 inches!!!” “Willy growth guaranteed in just 7 days!!” But, have you ever clicked on them and looked into it? I’m not talking to you ladies obviously unless you are unsatisfied by your partner and are thinking of buying your significant other an unusual xmas present this year.


Penis enlargement, what is it and does it actually work?

Firstly there are many different types all designed to work in different ways and on different areas of a penis so let’s go through them:

Surgical Methods – The most drastic way is also the most invasive and consists of penile augmentation which is when fat cells are injected into the penis to increase width, girth and even length. This surgery carries a number of risks and when carried out by inferior or non medical professionals can even result in having to remove the penis which is pretty counter effective if you think about it. Other surgical methods include suspensory ligament release which increases the length of a flaccid penis but has no effect on the length of the penis when erect so it’s really more visual.

Pills and lotions – So called supplements designed to enhance growth are promising results to consumers but as yet have no scientific proof to back them up, and in some cases have even proved to be harmful because they have not been regulated by the FDA. (US Food and Drug Administration)

Pumping – Penis pumps are a common and reputedly quick way of enlarging a penis although that is not what they were made for. Originally they were thought to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The pump creates a vacuum seal which forces blood to flow to the penis and can help the man get and maintain an erection but does not necessarily enlarge it in anyway unless the pump is used to the point of causing excess swelling in the penis and this carries the risk of damaging the elastic tissue which will affect future erections making them not as firm.

Jelqing – This is basically an exercise where men push the blood to the head of their penis and forcefully stretch it. While no proof exists that it works it can, if done too aggressively or often cause rupture, scar tissue and pain.

So why do men go to such lengths (Pun intended!) to increase the size of their manhood? Research shows that the average penis size is 3-5 inches flaccid and 5-7 inches erect but if men don’t measure up then they feel inferior. Some things you can do to make your penis look bigger is to Trim your pubic hair and if you carry a lot of weight around your belly then try to slim down as both will affect perception of size. But just be confident in yourself, it is a massive turn on for women and remember it’s not the size that matters but what you can do with it!