How should you ask for THIS

When browsing the profiles of escorts there is often a list somewhere advertising the services she offers, but what if you want something a little different that is not included in this list?


Firstly and most importantly – READ THE WHOLE PROFILE – Some men go straight to the stats to find out how big her boobs are and what sexual orientation she identifies as and what her ethnicity is and then if they like what they see that’s it, straight to booking! Most escorts who have firm no’s will often put them in the text bit of her profile to make sure that she doesn’t get messages requesting it, for example, If she under no circumstances will do bareback then chances are it’s right there on her profile in words. So always read through the whole thing carefully before asking.

Secondly, she may have something in her list which attracts your attention such as spanking but you are unsure if it means giving or receiving and cannot find any further reference to it on her profile in this situation it is perfectly acceptable to send a short message simply asking to to elaborate on what she means in regards to it.

Ok, so you have read the whole profile and perused the list to discover that what you are after is not on there at all, so what now?

Above all, manners are important and you want to give off the right impression if you want her to agree to meet you, do not send a badly spelt message simply saying “ hey u swallow?” or “I want bareback I’ll pay u extra” this is the kind of message most reputable escorts will simply ignore or respond no to. Manners cost nothing and you want her to like you and want to meet.

So think about what you want and compose a polite and friendly message introducing yourself, ask her how her day is going maybe and include a compliment about her profile to show that you have paid attention to it before messaging her. Once you have written that then politely say that you are after a certain service and can see no mention of it on her profile and would it be possible for her to respond with whether it would be something she could offer or not. Sign off with something like ‘I hope to hear from you soon’ and then wait for a response. Do not bombard her with follow up messages she may be busy and desperation is a turn off.

Lastly, and please remember that NO MEANS NO. If she declines your service do not respond nastily, do not send begging messages telling her how much you want it and how she should do it ‘just for you’ and above all do not offer her more money to do what you want…What you purchase is her time, and what she does within that time is completely up to her, just because she is an escort does not mean that she can be ‘bought’ if you just offer enough money. If you get a no simply respect that and do not bring it up again if you meet or move onto another escort and repeat.