This is one way to spice things up in the bedroom

Many straight men have a varied attitude towards butt stuff in the bedroom, some have straight up horror at the thought of having anything to do with it incase it hurts, some have slightly homophobic attitudes towards it thinking if they enjoy a finger up the butt then that makes them gay…while some are all for it because they are confident in their masculinity and they realise that it just plain feels awesome.


If you are one of the latter then have you considered Pegging?

In 2001 after an article about how there was no known word for the practice of a straight woman penetrating a straight male, Dan Savage’s “Savage Love” sex advice column held a competition where people voted for the best name for it and Pegging won! As stated above Pegging is the act of a woman performing anal sex on a male with a strap on. So why do straight men agree to this and why do women oblige?

Well let’s start with the women, While using a strap on it can rub and move which stimulates her genitals and can arouse, if she is using a double ended dildo then she also receives penetration which she controls, speaking of control a lot of women find the reversal of roles to be physically and mentally empowering which can be a huge turn on for her!

With the men it’s a pretty straightforward explanation… CIS gendered men typically have a Prostate or P-Spot which is usually 2 inches inside the rectum between the rectum and penis, this spot when stimulated can cause what is known as a prostate orgasm which is a totally different and in some experiences, better feeling than a regular orgasm. So if you are up for trying it here are some tips:

  • Work up to it – If you’re a noob to butt play them start small so you don’t injure yourself, maybe have your partner start with a lubed up finger and go from there, you can increase fingers until you think you can take a dildo.
  • Get the right position – Missionary is good if you want to keep the intimacy and maintain open communication through expressions and doggy style is great for opening up the anal canal.
  • Lube up! – Have plenty of lube available the anal area is not self lubricating and you don’t want to risk tearing and friction burn so however much lube you think you will need, double it.
  • Go Slow – Even if you think you are ready for a pounding it is wise to remember that the anal passage is very delicate and is at risk of tearing if you are too aggressive with your motions.
  • Communicate – Constant communication is a must, let your partner know if she is going too fast or too deep it might feel a little uncomfortable and sore at times but it is not supposed to be mega painful.
  • Hygiene – Try and poop before pegging to make the area as clean as possible and if you are the giver then make sure that your toys are kept in sterile condition.

So pick your favourite strap on, vibrating maybe for extra pleasure? Grab that lube and uh…strap in for the strap on!