Dinner Dates in Birmingham

Dining doesn’t have to be something you do alone and if you have a party or work event to go to and want a stunning lady on your arm to help you get through it and improve the experience then perhaps an escort is for you.


Evelina is a beautiful young escort and is one of the many escorts in and around Birmingham who is available for dinner dates. She has attended intimate dinners with a client looking for a sensual date night as a prelude to more, all the way up to big fancy corporate events where she has added intrigue and excitement for her date.

A few rules to follow to make the experience one to remember:

Feel free to drink but please stay sober – Your escort will not be impressed if you are falling over drunk and may cut the date off early.

Be clean and presentable – If you are rushing a date from work but expect your escort to go back to a hotel room with you then it’s only polite to shower first!

Don’t get too personal – Your escort will welcome casual interest but may not want to share her personal life with you, Perhaps have a handy list of topics prepared to keep the conversation flowing and avoid those awkward silences from ruining the mood, however…Breakfast, lunch or dinner these lovely ladies excel at keeping the chat going and stimulating your brain as well as other areas!