How often is too often?

So you like to use the services of escorts…Once a year as a birthday treat? Once every few months when you’ve been single for too long and are feeling a bit frustrated? Maybe once a month on pay day? Even more? Just how often is too often when it comes to hiring an escort?


It really comes down to your personal circumstances at the end of the day. If you are in a relationship then you may wish to keep it to a minimum to reduce the chance of getting caught and risk breaking up your family, losing friends and even risk relationships with your children, you also do not want it to affect the income you bring in if it is shared with a partner.

If you are single, then circumstances change and the only person you need to worry about is yourself and how it affects your life.

Money is very important to consider, if you find yourself getting into debt to pay for escorts then that is too much. If you find yourself choosing between food and heat or an escort? Too much.

Assuming money is not a problem, and there is no partner to provide for so you can visit escorts regularly without it making any significant dent in your income then by all means, keep up your current rate of meetings.

Other relationships are something to consider, friends and family. If you find yourself withdrawing from socialising with friends or having significant contact with family when you used to, then it could be that your preoccupation with escorts is taking up too much of your time, in which case you may want to revaluate just how much energy and time you spend on your habit. Emotional connection is important.

If you have the money and nobody is at risk of getting hurt then it really is up to you how often you purchase the company of escorts, what may be fine for some is not fine for everyone and by the same token you may not always be able to stick to the current rate that you currently do. Changes in job security, savings, personal relationships and other reasons can all impact on your life and cause you to review what you do and see if it needs changing.