To anal or not to anal

Anal sex is a very personal choice, in this article there is some information in regards to the pro’s and con’s to help you make up your mind if you are interested in it but have yet to make up your mind!



Pain – Anal can be such a pain in the ass (Get it?), You may be sore and uncomfortable to start out with and the risk of it hurting too much is a bit of a turn off to some. Plenty of lube, a warm up with a finger and going slow will combat this.

STI’s – The inside of your anus is very sensitive skin that can tear and damage. This tearing leaves it prone to infections such as Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Hepatitis B, Genital warts, HIV and Syphilis, that is a scary bunch of things you want to avoid. To avoid this, use plenty of anal sex friendly lube, a condom and Go Slow!

Poop – Of course there is always a risk of getting poo on a penis but a good poop and a shower should prevent any stray feces from being anywhere near the anal canal, some people choose to douche or have an enema but that’s up to you.

UTI’s – E. Coli is present in the anus and if you switch from anal sex to Penis in vagina then you can deposit that bacteria inside the vagina which can lead to Urinary tract infections which are very painful for the woman. Changing condoms or stopping to clean before switching should help prevent this.

HPV – Human papillomavirus is a common group of viruses that many people get in life without any complications and goes away on it’s own but in some cases when you caught it though anal sex if can cause Genital warts and even certain types of canger such as oral, cervical and anal cancer. Condoms and having had the HPV vaccine can help reduce this risk.


No pregnancy risk! – Anal carries no risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

It just feels so good – There are plenty of sensitive nerve endings around the anus and some are connected to the penis/vagina for extra fun. If you also use a vibrator or something else to stimulate the vagina during anal, that’s an overload of pleasure!

Can improve relationship – Having anal requires trust and communication between partners and can increase the intimacy between you leading to a better relationship.

Diversity – Having anal in your sex bag of tricks can lead to more choices and variety in your sex life which can help keep it fresh and hot.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about anal sex then, so remember, if you do decide to try it: Lube, Condom, Go Slow and ENJOY!