Why eat when you can do THIS with food

Sploshing is the more commonly used name for Wet and messy fetishism (WAM), not to be confused with Cardi B WAP of course…although who knows?


It is a sexual fetish in which a person gets sexually aroused by covering themselves and others in wet and messy substances, the most common being food play, in which the substances are food such as whipped cream, chocolate, puddings and even peanut butter!

While it is not an area that has substantial research, it is thought that many people who grow up to enjoy sploshing had an interest in messy play from their formative years which tends to manifest the sexual fetish side during and after puberty. For others it could simply be the taboo of doing what you are told countless times not to do while growing up and that’s playing with your food!

Escort sites are experiencing an increasing number of men hiring an escort specifically for the purpose of engaging in sploshing as it is considered a bit of a strange kink and so it makes it hard to bring it up to a partner or one night stand who might not necessarily interested in getting down and dirty with a bottle of chocolate sauce!

The added bonus of hiring an escort to enjoy some food play with is, if you hire a hotel room for the purposes then although a bit mean to the poor cleaners, nobody is left with the clean up which can be disastrous to your bed sheets! Putting some kind of protective cover such as plastic down is always a good idea to contain the mess to an extent and obviously a really thorough shower afterwards because although women and used to finding bits of food in their bra after a glorious Pringle session, Nobody wants to be finding melted ice cream in their creasy bits at bedtime.

Plenty of escorts have added sploshing, WAM and Food play to their list of services offered on their online profiles to attract men who want to indulge in this particular fetish.

It is not always the lady getting covered in treacle though, men who want to participate in WAM who get sexually aroused by having themselves covered in food are hiring escorts to do it for them and this can sometimes overlap with the Submissive/Dominant aspect of BDSM with some escorts offering both services together.

The good thing about Sploshing is, if it is a prelude to a vigorous and active sex session then chances are, you will burn off more calories than you actually ate making it a low calorie event because switching syrup to powdered sweetener just doesn’t have the same sexy effect does it?