Is THIS really the more the merrier?

What’s better than one scoop of ice cream? Two scoops obviously! What is better than one sexual partner at a time? A threesome? Foursome? How about going even further and partaking in an Orgy! Because everything is more fun with…well…more!


Let’s get into the history of the world of gangbangs shall we? Although there is historical evidence that the Persians and ancient Egyptians partook of orgies most history buffs agree that the ones who were most well known for it were the Greeks and Romans. As the Greek traditions merged with the Romans, festivals and celebrations that were originally for Dionysus were now for the roman god Bacchus. He stood for wine and fertility and all things revelry and these celebrations became known as Bacchanalia which even in modern English now still is another name for having an orgy. In 1929 there were two lavish huge ships recovered from roman times that were actually discovered to have been made for Caligula for the use of floating orgies!

It’s not just humans that have a fondness for an orgy though, In spring in Canada, Garter snakes slither up from underground not only to search for food but to seek out their own orgy. A female releases a pheromone that calls all male snakes over to her and they all become one writhing, wriggly mass of sex mad snakes in the hopes of getting her pregnant. There can be thousands of snakes in one orgy ball!

Other more closely related animals that indulge are the Bonobo monkeys who not only partake in orgies but also have their own form of Dogging where they have sex with an audience.

So back to humans. Whilst some people would think that orgies are common in the swinging scene, it is not actually that common at all as it tends to be more threesome and foursome focused because of the amount of couples involved. The popularity of the gangbang definitely rose alongside the pornography industry with porn films having some of the largest orgy’s people had ever had the chance to see.

The current record for the most amount of people in an orgy is held by Japan and was won in 2007 when someone arranged for 250 couples to meet in a warehouse and have sex, It was filmed by a camera crew and sold as DVDs. In 2018, an organisation called Menage Life organised an event in Las Vegas where they were determined to challenge and beat Japan’s record. They sold tickets for £148 for a couple but single women could buy their tickets for just £18, Single men however were banned from taking part. Perhaps banning single men was the reason that their hope of attracting over 1000 people was dashed and only 375 ended up taking part.

If you are interested in taking part in an orgy then maybe you could try and organise your own even to try and steal the win from Japan, If you film it you might just make history!