Why not make a holiday out of it

The world Tourism Organization states that sex tourism is “trips organized from within the tourism sector, or from outside this sector but using its structures and networks, with the primary purpose of effecting a commercial sexual relationship by the tourist with residents at the destination”. Basically it means that people go on holiday with the intention of engaging in sexual acts often with prostitutes. Whether it is because it is legal in that country or you cannot find an escort locally that is your type, or just because you fancy a holiday with sightseeing and a healthy dose of sex. Then here are some of the top destinations that you can visit for your sex holiday:


Germany – Not only is prostitution legal in Germany since 2002 but it is actually regulated and organised. Places like  like the Reeperbahn in Hamburg are red light districts teeming with brothels and entertainment such as clubs designed to cater towards sex tourism. Paradise, in Stuttgart, is considered a mega brothel that has a restaurant, spa and even an inhouse cinema. The escorts that work in these places are hired through reputable HR companies and paid good money.

The Netherlands – Prostitution here is also legal and regulated and Amsterdam is home to De Wallen, which is perhaps the largest and most well known red light district in the world. Prostitutes stand behind glass windows lit up with red lights hence the name red light district, De Wallen is a huge area of alleyways filled with over 300 one room cabins where women can ply their trade. There is also a large number of clubs, sex shops and cafes that sell cannabis.

Thailand – Even though it has been illegal since 1960 the sex trade in Thailand is huge. There is not a lot of employment for women in Thailand so a large number fall into sex work as a way to make money. It is also well known for the transgender community or Ladyboy’s. There are regular sex shows over there such as the well known Ping Pong ball trick! Bangkok is the major area for trade as women move from the rural areas to the city to maximise opportunities.

Kenya – Despite being well known for the high levels of HIV and other STD’s, Kenya has become a huge hotspot for sex tourism. What is most surprising perhaps though, is that it is a hot spot for the older white women known there as ‘mzungus’

These women are often seduced by young fit men who instead of asking for payment for sex will often say they need money for relatives to make it seem as though the tourist is simply helping them out. Women flock to Kenya to wine and dine these young men and help them out financially in exchange for their time and attention. While prostitution is illegal here it is impossible to regulate under these circumstances.