REVEALED…. first time punters

So you have decided you want to hire an escort, now what? It can be a daunting situation to find yourself drowning in options with no idea of what is safe and reputable and what is a scam or dangerous so here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that you get the best experience you can.


Agency or Independent – First you need to decide which route to go down, If you book an escort through an agency then you can be assured that she is reliable and has a good reputation but this tends to factor into the cost as agencies tend to add in their cut to the prices. If you decide to hire an independent escort then the price tends to be lower but make sure you have chosen one with good reviews that prove she is what she says she is and is reliable.

Know what you are looking for – It is easy to waste time browsing through profiles and reading every single one and inspecting pictures but most escorts have a section with their physical description and another with the services they offer so if you are looking for a blond with big boobs then scroll down to her stats and if they match what you are after then look at the services offered. If it is your first time you may wish to opt for a GFE (Girlfriend experience) which is a lot more relaxed and friendly than other services so make sure that she offers that, if both things match up to what you are looking for then it is time to contact her.

Don’t message her constantly – If you send too many messages asking questions or trying to get to know her then chances are she is going to assume that you are a timewaster. Briefly outline what you are looking for and add that you are new to this so that she knows you are looking to meet but unsure how it works. She will then walk you through booking her in the method she wishes such as through text or a booking system online. Arrange a time and place and amount and then say goodbye.

Make sure you are prepared – When she turns up make sure that you are clean and have the money available somewhere in sight so she knows you have it ready she may take it straight away or at the end but do not hand it to her as some escorts do not like this. Make sure it is the correct amount. Make sure you have protection, not all escorts bring their own but will insist on you providing it.

Don’t haggle for more – Once your time is up do not ask for extra time or if the session ended early due to no fault of her own then ask for money back. You have paid for that escort’s time and whether you take all of the allotted amount or not she has still given it up to meet with you. If all went well you can request another meet through the proper channels once she has left.

Let her know what you want – Escorts are not mind readers so if you have something specific you want her to do then ask, she will want to make sure you have a great time so even if you want her to lead the way then at least give her feedback.

Leave a good review – If your escort has given you everything you wanted and you had a great meet then she may ask you to leave her a review. If you did not enjoy it but it was through no fault of her own then please do not leave her a bad review as this can affect her business.

Follow through – If you have gotten to the day of the meet and you have decided that you no longer wish to go through with it then make sure you send the escort a message apologising and informing her that you will not be turning up so that she has a chance to accept another booking in your place instead of her losing out on income because you could not make it.

If you follow these few rules then you should have a relatively easy time of booking and going through with a meet, Some escorts will not meet a new punter because they have not been proved reliable so as long as you have left a review and had that first booking then you will have more chances with other escorts.